Stop, Shop and Poll

Lei ChicIt’s the sale of the century and you’re the picture perfect bargain hunter, whipping through clearance racks with a laser-like focus.

You’re zooming around and everything's clicking until your BFF (Best Friend For-Fashion-Advice) is swept away by a frenzy brought on by a fresh box of 65-percent off denim. Now, you’re alone in a dressing room, trying to figure out if the outfits you grabbed in a blurry are edgy, or just on the edge of ridiculous.

You need a second opinion and you need it fast.

Turn to Fashism. The free website and iPhone app lets you ask more than 60,000 fashionistas across the world, “does my outfit work?”

Just upload your photograph and wait for the responses. Everyone from stylists in New York to college kids in Los Angeles can vote to love or hate your outfit, then offer suggestions. If you're looking for an expert opinion, you can now submit your iffy ensembles for feedback from industry insiders such as What Not to Wear guru Stacey London and Marie Claire Fashion Director Nina Garcia.

So you can make snap decisions without having to leave your dressing room.

Now that’s style in a flash.

Lei ChicHow are our fashion choices? We asked three employees from Lei Chic and sister publication Honolulu Magazine to put their not-so-favorite looks on the line.

Warren Daubert, Marketing Art Director

71 percent of Fashism users loved his striped socks and white belt combo, saying it was a great, unique look.

Lei ChicChristi Young, Lei Chic Senior Editor

  53 percent say keep the top instead of trashing it. But most responses said although they didn’t hate it, they didn’t love it either.

Lei ChicKathryn Wagner, Honolulu Magazine Managing Editor

Only 34 percent liked the bright pink/yellow combo Kathryn was questioning. However, most who commented actually loved the contrast but weren’t fans of the pants.

Stacy London goes live on fashism from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. EST Friday. NIna Garcia does the same next Friday, June 10. Submit your fashion dilemmas now by starting your text with #Stacy on Fashism's website.