Stimulant Package

www.leichic.comCoffee: it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Take your affinity for the beloved bean to a whole new level, with cool coffee accessories for both casual drinkers and caffeine-addicted java junkies. Whether you drink a little or a latte, get ‘em while the pot is hot.

Bean Bags
Handbags made from recycled Kona coffee burlap sacks are all the buzz these days. One standout designer is Barb Sasaki, who buys the sacks directly from Kona coffee farmers, then transforms them into one-of-a-kind market totes and shoulder bags. She lines them with aloha print or designer fabrics, with custom orders available. There’s also a cool version from Big Island clothier The Organik – dubbed “the Beach Bum,” this recycled Kona coffee tote has handles made from soft sail rope and is lined with recycled cotton material. With no two exactly alike, they’re just the things to espresso yourself. For more info, visit and

You're Brew-tiful
You’ve probably seen coffee beauty products around, but maybe you’re not sure what the big brewhaha is. Turns out, coffee is a natural deodorizer, and therefore makes a great soap. Stash a bar of Coffee Soap Scrub from Hawaiian Bath & Body by your kitchen sink – it can rid your hands from garlic and onion smells while you’re cooking.
Sunburned? Get some relief with Body by K’s after sun lotion, made with organic Kona coffee. Rich in antioxidants, coffee may help prevent damage from free radicals (a source of premature aging in skin), and can also decrease redness and puffiness. Now those are some cool beans.

Joe on the Go
If you’re a coffee take-out regular, you can sport this bentwood coffee cuff, a super-stylish bracelet that doubles as a java jacket. If your daily commute includes a go-cup of home brew, you know that most days your cuppa goes cold somewhere around the H1/Middle Street merge. Not any more, with this self-heating mug from Bad Ass Coffee. It plugs right into your car lighter, with warming action that keeps your coffee good to the last drop. And if you prefer your morning joe delivered right to your door, sign up for Hilo Coffee Mill’s coffee club. We hear membership has its perks.