Stick Up Artist

Lei Chic Bank Robber: Ok lady, keep quiet now. This is a stick up! Start grabbing money and filling up this here bag!  

Teller: [gasp] Why you sticky fingered bandit! I'll do no such thing!  

Bank Robber: Look lady, I'm up against the wall here. My girl just told me that she wants to redecorate our house…new artwork for every room and all. Little does she know, I blew all our savings in a card game last week. I can't come home empty-handed. She'd hit the wall!

Teller: You're driving me up the wall with this nonsense! Why don't you just stick and choose some of those super stylish wall decals from 3rd Ave Shore? Local artist Sam Hardin creates them from her hand-drawn sketches at her home studio in Kailua. They're made of a matte vinyl  that has the look of real paint and come in variety of cool graphic designs—everything from breezy palms and wave scenes to sweet little birds and intricate lettering.
Bank Robber: Hmm…decals, you say? It's a little off the wall, but it might just be my ticket to getting out of this sticky situation.  

Teller: Duh! The amazing thing is that while they're super strong (they last for up to six years outside and indefinitely inside), they're completely removable and won't damage surfaces or leave a sticky residue behind. And, they only take a few minutes to put up—perfect for quickly transforming a space. Plus, they've got a great sticker price that even you can swing. 

Bank Robber: Thanks for the tip lady! And thanks for sticking this out with me. You're really the stick of the litter.  

Available online at Etsy, here. For more info, visit Lei Chic readers can get free shipping (within Hawaii) on their 3rd Ave Shore Etsy orders by messaging Sam with the coupon code LEICHICHAWAII.