Stem The Tide Of Time

Your commitment to a keeping your face looking as smooth and plump as a teenager’s is verging on an S and M ritual. You’ve subjected yourself to laser burns and acid peels, and have even considered needle injections and going under the knife.

But beauty doesn’t have to be so tortuous.

Helen Rapoza, owner of Kahala day spa Helen’s Haven, has a new facial that’s just as cutting-edge as those not-quite-plastic-surgery treatments, but not nearly as painful or ridden with side effects.

It’s called the cryo stem cell therapy facial and it uses frozen bovine stem cells. The cells are extracted from French cows in the earliest stages of pregnancy and carry no DNA at all – they are essentially “blank” cells that are applied topically to your face and can help stimulate your own skin cells to regenerate and turn over faster than they normally would. That means fresher, younger looking skin that’s plumped up and smoothed.

The actual treatment feels no different than a regular facial – just cleansing, a gentle scrub, and then the stem cell serum is gently patted onto your face. Results are said to peak about six days afterward, when your skin will look its glowing-est.

Proving that looking heavenly doesn’t have to feel like hell.

The Cryo Stem Cell Facial is at Helen’s Haven, 4819 Kilauea Avenue, Kahala, 808.739.0401. Watch a video of Helen giving this facial here. Get the full menu of spa services and prices at