State of Bliss

Lei Chic You’re a mild-mannered office worker except when your inner fashion diva bares its claws.

You tried to snip it in the bud, but when your boss caught you trying to sneak read the latest Vanity Fair inside your budget binder, it was time to break the pattern and find a new job.

Can a girl from Honolulu sew it alone in the big, bad world of fashion?

Get a runway check from Punahou alum Bliss Lau.

Lau made her name in New York with upscale handbags, then showed her metal with a sophisticated leather-and-chain jewelry line featured in the pages of Elle and Vogue. This weekend, she joins a panel of fashion experts for a discussion to help you make your big break.

Can’t thread a needle? Find all your drawings look a little sketchy? Lau says there are jobs other than designing that could be a perfect fit. Tired of getting the cold shoulder? Lau has advice to make you the haute new hire.

For added inspiration, Lau’s recreating her NY runway show in Waikiki. Her intricate chain-and-woven leather draped body jewelry is especially en pointe when ballerinas dance it down the catwalk.

It’s just what you need to turn your last-stitch dreams into reality.

Now that’s a lesson InStyle.

Lau is joined by fashion writer Paula Rath, blogger Jennifer Kem, and Jessica's Traveling Boutique Owner Jessica O’Neill for the Saturday panel discussion. It is 2-4 p.m. at the Waikiki EDITION. Tickets are $25. Click here to make your reservation.

The fashion show is Sunday, 6-8 p.m. at the Edition. Click here to buy your $10 tickets.