Standing Room Only

Learning to swim started with being dunked by your cousins until you swam for your life. Getting the hang of driving meant circling the school parking lot a hundred times until your dad finally let you on the road. And then there were surf lessons – you’ve still never mastered the pop-up. Does riding waves lying down count?

There’s another way to get vertical on your board.

Kama ‘aina-owned Wet Feet will ease you into the newly-popular sport of stand-up paddle surfing. Rent a board at their laid back Aina Haina store, then talk story with the owners to get some basic instruction to supplement your natural ability. Daily rental costs just $40 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or $60 for 24 hours, and depending on the board you can get a multiple-day discount. If you learn quick and get hooked, they’ll apply your rental fees to a subsequent board purchase.

In about a month or so Wet Feet plans to offer on-the-water lessons, but until then, co-owner Jeff Chang recommends heading to the Hawai‘i Kai boat ramp near the canoe hale to get your feet wet.

Then comes the only hard part—staying upright.

Wet Feet, 820 W. Hind Drive in the Aina Haina Shopping Center , 808.373.SURF