Spring book recommendations for you and your keiki

Good Reads: March 2013

The Monster at the End of this Book

By Jon StoneIllustrated by Michael Smollin

Review by HONOLULU Family reader Lisa Hartwell-Tindle and her son, Nainoa.

“There’s a monster at the end of this book!” screams our 21/2-year-old son, Nainoa. Like most toddlers, he screams it over and over (and over) again with each turn of the page. This cute tale is a classic Sesame Street picture book from the 1970s and stars lovable, furry, old Grover. Grover puts a lot of effort into creating obstacles so the reader will not turn the page. Some of these hurdles include a brick wall, pages tied together with rope, pages nailed shut and many more snags along the way. Nainoa delighted in having the book read in Grover’s voice. We heard him reciting the easy-to-read and wonderfully illustrated book many times in the back of the car while we were driving. Of course (spoiler alert), Grover IS the monster at the end of the book. Every time, without fail, we are entertained by squeals of delight and laughter as we reach the end. There is a fun, interactive version available through iTunes for $4.99. The hardback version is available through amazon.com for $8.99, or you can check out a copy at your local library.