Sports Wear

You should totally be in London right now.

You're constantly running laps through the mall. You can deadlift five shopping bags without breaking a sweat. You dive into sample sales with perfect finesse. And when it comes to the latest trends, you always hit the mark.

But since shopping isn't an Olympic sport (yet), support Team USA with these eight Olympics-inspired additions to your wardrobe.

Just don't pull a Michael Phelps and wear them all at once.

Lei Chic

In the Open
The U.S. Olympic team may have Ralph Lauren, but we prefer this slim-fitting burgundy number by J.Crew – a classic double-breasted blazer with gold button detail. $128, exclusively on



Lei Chic Vault to the Top
Do cartwheels for sleek rayon-spandex bodysuits that are as comfortable as they are slimming.
$55 each, Fighting Eel Downtown and Kailua.
Lei Chic Stretch Out
Balance beaming, lustrous leggings with an oversized button-down top.
$12.80, Forever 21, Royal Hawaiian Center.
Lei Chic On the Run
You'll look great no matter where you run off to in metallic silver sneakers with white rubber trim and adorable ribbon laces.
$108, Coach, Ala Moana Center.
Lei Chic No Sweat
These Organik cotton shorts with subtle nautical detail will have you moving in style.
$40, Community Boutique, 22 S. Pauahi St.
Lei Chic One Track Find
Dance the night away in a pair of perfectly chic silky polyester Rory Beca running shorts.
$123, Dolce Honolulu, Ward Centre.
Lei Chic Go for the Gold
These gold and silver lockets will keep your Olympic-winning moments close to your heart.
$14 each, Basique Threads, Ward Warehouse.
Lei Chic Heavy Medals
Score a perfect 10 by finishing your look with a show-stopping necklace.
$77 Buddha coin, $35 agate, TOR Boutique, 45 Hoolai St.