Sponsored Edition: Spa Trek Episode 3

Lei Chic Smock: Captain, take a look at this. Our gravitational sensors are going haywire. There appears to be some sort of magnetic force interfering with our controls.

Captain Chic: Hmmm. The readings correlate with our proximity to Honolulu MedSpa. Did you run a full-system scan?

Smock: Negative. The force jammed our diagnostics. How should we proceed?

Captain Chic: We must beam down to Honolulu MedSpa and locate its source. Quick, to the transporter. Energize!

[Captain Chic and Smock materialize at Honolulu MedSpa]

Captain Chic: Smock, is it just me or does everyone appear to be… unusually young?

Smock: I believe I know why. I traced our mystery force to a machine known as The Venus Freeze. It uses pulsing magnetic fields and multi-polar radio frequency to produce a uniform heat matrix that tightens skin, softens wrinkles and reduces cellulite. It's the ultimate anti-aging device.

Captain Chic: Brings new meaning to the phrase, "May the Force be with you."

Lei Chic Smock: What?

Captain Chic: Never mind. How does this procedure work?

Smock: A technician will apply a thin layer of glycerin gel, then move the device across the skin. Some patients liken it to a hot stone massage. And since we're here during Honolulu MedSpa's customer appreciation event, we can buy one area package and get a second of lesser value for free. What do you say, Captain? Want to give it a try?

Captain Chic: We may as well. It will take some time for our engineers to analyze this intel and determine a solution.

Besides, with all these perks, resistance is futile.

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