Sponsored Edition: Smooth Operator

Lei ChicWhen the heat is on things tend to get a little hairy.

May Pool Party – You had one mojito and a kinky moment with tbe Brazilian hottie next door.
July Beach BBQ – A round of margaritas and you got frizzy with your college crush.
August Softball Game – A few victory beers and you curled up with the office flirt.

Now, you’re stranded in an eternal game of hide-and-sneak – skulking around the hallways to avoid any new encounters.

You’d need to smooth things over, ideally while sporting a gorgeous new look for all those holiday parties.

Relax and step into Hoala Salon and Spa for the Smooth Infusion texture smoother.

Lei Chic The new treatment by Aveda replaces the damaging chemicals in traditional straighteners with a formula featuring up to 83 percent naturally-derived ingredients such as tourmaline, mineral sulfites, and amino acids.

The secret mixture creates a silkier texture in just 30 minutes that lasts up to two months. Ylang Ylang oil removes that harsh “just left the salon” smell for a truly scent-sual experience.

Lei Chic On your way out, pick up exclusive Aveda holiday gift sets for your entire family while earning Pure Privilege points to cash in for your own indulgent hair care products, candles, and cosmetics. And grab a $125 gift card to give away and you'll score a free purefume and $10 gift certificate to use on your own next hair-raising moment.

So that next time you play with fire at least your do will keep its cool.

The Smooth Infusion Texture Smoother treatment is available at Hoala Salon and Spa, Ala Moana Center. Call 808.947.6141 to make an appointment or visit Hoala’s websitefor more information.