Sponsored Edition: Shortbread Tempered

Lei ChicTwenty days into December and you're feeling positively grinchy. If one more salesperson tries to shove an “adorable” stocking stuffer at you, you may have to tell them exactly where they can stuff it.

Forget Santa Claus, you seriously need to invoke a sanity clause.

Fortunately, you are ready with a full stock of snacks from Honolulu Cookie Company. You know first-hand that it's hard to go postal with a mouth full of deliciously decadent shortbread.

The time you let that tutu slide into the parking space you were clearly waiting for? A pineapple macadamia nut shortbread cookie was behind that kindness. The time you pointed out to the saleslady that she undercharged you? You firmly blame that nicety on the mouthful of dark chocolate Kona coffee goodness you were chomping.

In fact, you never, ever leave the house without at least one of their pineapple shaped goodies tucked neatly away in your purse. In November, you actually stocked up on their Aloha Collection large gift box knowing that the box-having four flavors and 30 cookies total-would be exactly what you needed to make it through the month.

Lei Chic Best of all, Honolulu Cookie Company has tons of non-holiday flavors in non-holiday shapes to keep you from having Yuletide flashbacks when you're trying to have a festivity-free moment.

But, it's not like this technique is new, you're actually taking a page from Santa himself. Remember that tray of cookies you always left out for the jolly man?

Without those, even Santa turns into a real, cookieless monster.

Honolulu Cookie Company's cookies are available online or at any one of their several retail locations. During your holiday shopping, duck into their Ala Moana mall location, in the Makai Market Food Court, 808-945-0787, or stop by their location in the Royal Hawaiian Center, 808-931-3330.