Sponsored Edition: Putting on the Rix

Lei ChicA gift card is supposed to be a safe Christmas investment. He turns it into risky business.

Like that GC to that hip urban men’s shop – he emerged with three “pull-my-finger” T-shirts out of the clearance bin. Then there’s the plasma television he “bought” with your fifty-dollars; that’s the gift that keeps YOU giving every month when the bill arrives.

This year, give him a shopping trip to one place where he’s guaranteed not to find anything that will make you see red or cost you more green.

Lei Chic Rix Island Wear aloha shirts are created, hand printed, and sewn in Hawaii. For just $49.50, he can pick any of the collection’s bold, original designs done in elegantly subtle colors in 100 percent cotton shirts.

No dancing beer bottles here. Instead, have him slip on the Kontiki, a modern spin on retro patterns. Toss out his Santa riding a surfboard and slide in the Jungle Red design with leaves outlined in festive relief. And since every shirt is the same price, he can’t go overboard (even in the water-inspired Tako Poke print).

Lei Chic Toss in a little more and he can add on Rix’s brand new aloha-print tees, signature boxers, or he can flip his lid over Rix’s twill cargo shorts with complimentary key chain bottle opener.

So he is sure to find something he likes.

And you won’t lose your presents of mind.

Rix Island Wear is located at Ward Warehouse, Kahala Mall, and soon in Waikiki. Take a look at the collection now on Rix’s website.