Sponsored Edition: Pearls of Wisdom

Lei ChicGrowing up, you could always count on grandma to give you the best advice: a penny saved is a penny earned, or, if life throws you lemons, make lemonade. And you took it to heart, putting up your makeshift Kool-Aid stand in hopes of buying that Easy-Bake Oven. But since then, things have changed, to say the least. You’re now earning more than a pretty penny, and the objects of your desire have grown in size and dollar signs—adages crocheted on pillows don’t quite cut it anymore.

Lucky for you, the third annual Wahine Forum is right around the corner. Register now for the half-day conference, and on Tuesday, Oct. 19, you’ll get to meet Hawai‘i’s top women executives, entrepreneurs and leaders, and get the inside scoop on how to succeed in business and at home. Presented by Hawaii Business Magazine and The Junior League of Honolulu, the theme of this year’s forum is “The Values-Driven Organization,” with inspirational keynote speeches by Pam Omidyar and Pat Christen, CEO of the nonprofit HopeLab.

Learn how to leap into a new career path, how to use technology to your advantage, and how to optimize and style your workspace. You’ll also gain expert advice and hear real-life success stories at workshops like “Trailblazin’ Titas: Women Succeeding in Male-Dominated Fields”, “Keys to the C-Suite” and “Web-Wise Wahines”.

It may not be grandma’s cup of tea, but going to this makes perfect cents.

For the full program schedule, click here. To register, click here. The Wahine Forum happens Tuesday, October 19, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Sheraton Waikiki, Maui Ballroom. You can also like the Wahine Forum on Facebook here.