Sponsored Edition: Office Froli-tics

Lei ChicShowing up in a snakeskin mini. Accidentally hitting on your boss’ husband. Showcasing your Elaine dance.

Yikes. The Monday after last year’s company Christmas party was awkward at best.  

 This year you’re determined to redeem yourself, starting with your outfit. So head straight to Club Monaco, headquarters for sophisticated, urban-chic pieces that will show everyone that you’ve got fashion sense. And, better yet, common sense.

Its fall line, which is flush with this season’s hottest nude and blush shades, is chock full of good decisions. The Laura Silk Dress, which features a classic silhouette, luxe silk fabric and a stunning draped neckline, is ideal for a holiday cocktail hour. Paired with any of Club Monaco's vintage-inspired fall jewelry, the ruffle-front Taya Cardigan is sure to turn heads—and this time in a good way.

The entire line features feminine details like pleated necklines and dashes of lace. The pieces are classy, unique and perfect for avoiding the dreaded “walk of same.”

Just what you needed to keep the nude and blush to your wardrobe,
and out of next week’s water cooler chatter.

Club Monaco’s fall line is available at the Ala Moana Center Club Monaco store, 1450 Ala Moana Blvd., Level 2, Honolulu. For more info, call 808.941.4277.