Sponsored Edition: Men of Wore

Men's holiday looks from Royal Hawaiian Center

Lei Chic
1: Shirt, Da Kine. Watch, Ranger Sports. 2: Shirt, sweater, pants, Royal Hawaiian Golf Shop. Sunglasses, watch, bracelet, Ranger Sports. 3: Tank, Da Kine. Watch, Ranger Sports.


If left to their own devices, most would throw on an old T-shirt – that may or may not have been washed and may or may not have holes in it – and equally questionable board or basketball shorts before wandering out the door.

And, knowing your luck, straight to your office Christmas party.

Kidding. He's not that bad. But, well, he's not great – which is why we consulted Royal Hawaiian Center for key looks and styling tips every man should know when getting dressed in the morning.

Consider this our gift to you.

  Lei Chic
King Baby men's jewelry, exclusive to Laki Hawaiian Designs

Tip #1: Layering is key. Adding a third element, or even a fourth, to the usual shirt and pants routine builds a finished look. Try a jacket, sweater, vest or tie.

Tip #2: Pair a dressy shirt with a more casual piece for balance. We love the look of a button down collar peeking out from under a fitted sweater.

Tip #3: Don't be afraid to add a little color or print while keeping the rest of your look neutral.

Tip #4: A classic fedora adds a touch of roguish charm to any outfit. Several styles are available at the Hat Shack.

Tip #5: Always keep a blazer handy in case of emergency – throw it on over a casual outfit and no one will know you just came in from the beach. Pick up an affordable one in the men's section of Forever 21.

Tip #6: Men's jewelry is a big trend right now – just remember, a little bling goes a long way. Add a simple bracelet or edgy chain to finish the look.

For more on these looks and other holiday outfit ideas, pick up the current issue of R Magazine at Royal Hawaiian Center or click here. Royal Hawaiian Center is open from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Parking is free for the first hour with validation, then $1 per hour for the next three hours.