Sponsored Edition: Meet The New Curl

Lei Chic The last time you got a perm, you walked out looking like a young Shirley Temple.

Who was just in a street brawl with Chaka Khan. And lost.

Your hair has gone into a downward spiral ever since.

Let Ho'ala Salon & Spa's new Digital Perm straighten you out. Because unlike regular perms, Digital Perms use revolutionary technology to create large glamorous curls that leave you looking red carpet ready (and not like someone just wiped the floor with you).

Lei Chic So here's what you'll do. Sit down in the softly-lit salon and enjoy a soothing shoulder and neck massage ritual with aromatic oils. Then, let a trained specialist treat your locks with straightening cream and wrap them around the Digital Perm Machine's temperature-regulated perming rods. You'll look like a creature out of a sci-fi movie, but don't be alarmed. This is where the magic happens.

Three hours later, your hair will unravel into soft, frizz-free, natural-looking waves that are so glossy, you'll feel like starring in your own shampoo commercial. And you can expect it to look this way for the next six months with just a quick blast from your blow dryer, even on the most hot and humid days.

Wind down with a trip to the retail shop for pampering products like Aveda's stress-fix soaking salts and skin-brightening mineral makeup.

In the end, you'll walk out feeling like a rock star, strutting to the beat of your own theme song.

Chaka Khan is so much more fun this way.

Digital Perms start at $190 and are available at Ho'ala Salon & Spa, Ala Moana Center. For more information or to make an appointment, call (808) 947-6141.