Sponsored Edition: Match of the Day

Lei ChicYou wish he was a fashion “do”. Your guy is usually a “do over” with a long list of unfortunate looks.

Outfit 1 – The onesie – A khaki T-shirt and khaki shorts that match goo goo much.
Outfit 2 – The hobo — He calls the worn shirts and jeans comfy casual. Frayed not.
Outfit 3 – The high schooler – His c/o 1997 jacket is in a class all its own, in a bad way.

You’d love to dress the problem without the “why are you treating me like a child” fight.

Send him to a local business with a few Rix up its sleeve.

Lei Chic Rix Island Wear aloha shirts are created, hand printed, and sewn in Hawaii. The bold prints in subtle colors are specifically designed to match khaki pants, navy pants, or jeans for a foolproof (guy proof) wardrobe.

Surfer dudes can pick up an ocean-inspired swirling Waimea or Tako Poke design. He can dress his good-natured side with banana leaf, ginger, or lush leaf prints or learn how to go old school in the retro-inspired Kontiki or Halala looks.

Each shirt is comfortable 100-percent cotton, low maintenance (read no dry cleaning), and sells for $49.50. Lei ChicSo he can spring for Rix’s print boxers to slip under his new big boy pants (twill cargo shorts are $29.50 with a free key chain bottle opener).

Meaning you won’t have to sweat it next time he says he’s going shopping alone.

Now that’s how to shirt the issue.

Rix Island Wear is located at Ward Warehouse, Kahala Mall, and soon in Waikiki. Take a look at the collection now on Rix’s website.