Sponsored Edition: Make Honolulu Your PLAYground

Lei ChicWhen it comes to scoring a deal, you don’t play around. You’ve been known to elbow your fellow shoppers at blowout sales, camp overnight for the newest gadgets, and you’re even starting to see symptoms of OCD (Obsessive Coupon-clipping Disorder).

But you’re tired of the games. Getting a deep discount shouldn’t require playing dirty – you just want to play fair and know the price is right.Thankfully, there’s a site that lets you be a player without hating the game: PLAYHawaii. The first and largest group buying site in Hawaii, PLAYHawaii is celebrating its one-year anniversary with huge discounts on the best restaurants, spas, shows and more places to “play” in Hawaii.

And they’re offering a special deal just for Lei Chic readers: if you’re new to PLAYHawaii, they’ll hook you up with $5 to use towards your first purchase when you sign up.

Here’s how it works: Visit PLAYHawaii.com every day to see the latest deal. When you see one you want, sign on, and enter your payment info. Don’t worry, nothing is charged when you register. Then, tell your friends to sign on for it, too, and if enough people “play,” you all score the deal.

And the discounts are huge – the typical deal is over 50 percent off – making it easy for you to check out new businesses without risking a ton of money. For instance, check out today’s deal: for just $50, you’ll get $100 to use at Chef Mavro.

Even better, they recently launched PLAYback, a program that benefits the community – this month, they raised $1000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Huge deals you can share with friends and the community? Just goes to show you, it pays to play nice.

PLAYHawaii.com. To get your special Lei Chic deal, click here.