Sponsored Edition: Home Shopping Network

www.leichic.comTwo things that somehow always sap the spirit right out of the holidays for you: the month-long, seven-night-a-week circuit of cocktail parties, and the mall.

You could start planning now (yes, a whole three months out!) to avoid both.

Just stake out your spot on the calendar for a shopping party, at your home or someone else’s, with Jessica’s Traveling Boutique.

Instead of trading gifts with all your friends, get the girls together for a party and let everyone pick out their own. Jessica O’Neill will bring the mall to you with racks of designer tops, dresses, www.leichic.compants, purses and jewelry she’s found on buying trips to L.A. and New York. You and your crew can try them all on in the open, match up outfits with things from your own closet, and then keep what you like for prices way below retail.

You can chip in and cover the purchases for your pals (JTB takes credit cards now), or let everyone buy for each other on the spot.

And as the party hostess, you’ll receive 10 percent of the total sales as a thank you bonus.

Because it’s just as nice to receive as it is to give.

Jessica’s Traveling Boutique private parties can be booked for any location with a minimum of five people. Visit www.jessicastravelingboutique.com for details. Purchases at private parties can be paid for with cash, check or credit card.