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There’s something about the aroma that makes your mouth water.

Maybe it’s the tangy vinegar. Perhaps it’s the rich smell of slowly-cooked pork. But getting that homemade pork adobo just right by yourself is not so simple.

Now you can do it in minutes with May's Hawaii's Pork Adobo. The new product actually comes from Aunty Lilia's old family recipe. Here’s the story.

"Oh boy, I dream about that tangy aroma coming from Aunty Lilia’s kitchen, whenever we were lucky enough to get invited for a family gathering. The succulent flavor of the pork, seasoned with black peppercorns, bay leaves and just the right amount of vinegar.

Uncle liked his pork adobo tarter than the rest of us, so he added more vinegar into his bowl. I liked it a bit sweeter, so aunty put a little bit of sugar in mine. Everybody got their dish the way they wanted it. How special was that?"

Now you can find that family-secret recipe in deli section of your favorite supermarket. To celebrate the launch of a new local favorite, May’s Hawaii invites you to take its Pork Adobo on the road for a chance at a delicious prize.

Snap a photo of you with a package of May’s Hawaii Pork Adobo in an unusual place: Skydiving, surfing, sleeping, on the Ferris wheel, get creative! Email it with a brief description to contest@palamameat.com or Instagram it with hashtag #iphotoadobo. Every week from now through July 6, May’s Hawaii will select 10 semi-finalists. Then one winner will walk away with a quality crock pot, cooking set and a case of Pork Adobo–a prize pack worth more than $200!

To get you started, look for special $1 off coupons in stores. Then snap, send and win!

The Photo Adobo contest runs from May 19 – July 7, 2014. See the full details and rules at bit.ly/iphotoadobo.