Spheres of Influence

Lei ChicAcid wash jeans. Tattoo-inspired tees. Neon anything.

You’ve officially lived long enough to notice one universal rule of fashion: what goes around, comes around. And if you hold on to styles long enough, they’ll eventually be back in again—no matter how hideous.

Break free of the vicious waiting cycle with a timeless piece from local designer Katherine Rita’s B2C jewelry line. Utilizing hammered sterling silver and classic circle silhouettes, the elegant line is guaranteed to look good no matter what decade you’re in.

Rita named the line B2C as homage to its intent—to offer pieces that would transition seamlessly from beach to city, and hold up amidst changing seasons and trends.

Pair your favorite LBD with B2C’s bib-style statement necklace. Adorned with unexpected details, like gemstones and key charms, it’s just the pop you need to make an outfit stand out in the crowd. Or, wear your style on your sleeve, with the ultra-sleek Connected cuff.

Just the thing to keep you in the style loop,
no mater what comes ‘round the trend.

B2C by Katherine Rita Designs is available at Art and Flea, Slow Art Fridays, Shop, Bop and Grind, and via online order here.