Special Delivery

Lei Chic Dear mainland retail stores,

Over the years, we've come to realize our relationship has been more give than take.

We're tired of planning entire vacations around you; flying thousands of miles and spending an extra $50 to lug back suitcases stuffed with your covetable goodies.

It's about time Hawaii shoppers got some love. And, thanks to LeSportsac, that time is now.

Meet "Moana Ahe," a line of hobos, weekender and crossbody bags featuring an exotic print designed by Leeward Oahu artist Kat Reeder, available only in Hawaii and Guam.

Lei Chic Talk about an exclusive relationship. LeSportsac tapped Reeder for a collaboration after viewing her work on a Vans Triple Crown of Surfing poster and, more recently, on Raiatea Helm's "Sea of Love" album (Helm was the inspiration for a previous Hawaii-exclusive print, "Mele," released late last year). The result: a line of vibrant nylon bags that pay homage to the islands' beauty.

We're swept away by Reeder's warm, tropical hues, bronzed hula dancers with flushed cheeks and long, luscious locks, surrounded by hibiscus, plumeria and a sparkling blue ocean. We would never find a catch like this in New York.

So retailers, take a page out of LeSportsac's book and stop playing so hard to get.

This is one love that can be bought.

$78-$158, "Moana Ahe," available at LeSportsac in Ala Moana Center, Royal Hawaiian Center and Hilton Hawaiian Village. Meet Kat Reeder at an autograph session next Friday, 6-9 p.m. at LeSportsac, Royal Hawaiian Center.