Sophie Grace Maui’s New Jewelry, from Minimal to Statement-Making

A little somethin’-somethin’ for every occasion.
Sophie Grace Maui
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salad dinner, and a caramel sundae dessert.


A morning poring through The New York Times, and a night binging on Pretty Little Liars.


A week of yoga, and a weekend of naps.


We are big believers in the power of yin and yang—just take a look at our lifestyles. Chalk it up to wanting to have it all, whether that be a beach-ready bod, an extra helping of sweets, a few more hours in slumberland or our daily recommended serving of fruits and veggies. Why choose when you can double the fun?


That goes for accessorizing, too, which is why we are totally on board with Sophie Grace Maui designer Jamie Shepherd’s approach to her spring releases. On one hand, she’s keeping it sleek and pared down with the 2017 Dainty collection, which runs on a clean, simple, minimalist aesthetic ideal for layering and perfect for everyday use. Think lots of metallics, with simple gold stud earrings in basic geometric designs, and hammered silhouettes of hearts and other shapes. Elegant, oversize triangles on posts make for a more modest, wearable alternative to dangling statement earrings, while teeny mismatched studs—in combos that include stars, moons or arrows, to name a few—add some whimsical edge to a versatile, streamlined look.


Sophie Grace MauiSophie Grace Maui


We can see ourselves rocking those refined pieces day to night, but what about the bigger picture? For inspiration for the Luxe collection, Shepherd went back to her roots. As a young designer starting out in the jewelry-making business, it was the allure of raw stones that really caught her interest and, now, 10 years after starting Sophie Grace Maui, she’s doing an homage to that aesthetic. Her custom-made earrings and necklaces are made of strings of chunky, organically shaped, gorgeously patterned and colored stones, trimmed in glitzy 24-karat gold. Shepherd selects the most interesting and beautiful rocks for eye-catching combinations, such as stripey and slashed rutilated quartz with ruby, or soft, gradiated pink opal with moody labradorite. In other words? These guys are just the attention-getting additions to your outfit you’ll want for a glamorous night out.


It takes two to tango? (Or three, or four …) We couldn’t agree more.