Something Borrowed, Something New

www.leichic.comThese days, everything old is becoming fashionably new again (but not the Bedazzler, no matter what anyone says).

Just ask Deb Mascia of Mu‘umu‘u Heaven, who brought tutu’s mu‘umu‘us into the 21st century by sewing them into stylish tops, dresses and skirts. But vintage isn’t just for clothes anymore – Mascia recently launched a home furnishings line in collaboration with surf photographer Clark Little and retailer Pacific Home.

The first piece in the Heavenly Home collection is a reclaimed and refurbished sofa upholstered with dark blue organic cotton and accented with Mascia’s one-of-a-kind Aloha shirt fabric throw pillows, complete with original buttons and pockets.

Much of the line’s appeal is in the creative reuses Mascia finds for furniture and fixtures – she and Little also blow up and frame select surf images in old windows and doors, adding dimension and character to wall art. Her salvaged jalousie windowpanes are bedecked with vintage fabric or Little’s wave images placed invisibly underneath the panes – think one wave breaking in glass sections down your wall.

Mascia looks everywhere for unwanted pieces with clean lines, unique carvings, or other irresistibly funky features. Already in progress are ‘50s chairs, vintage Hawaiian rattan and cast pieces, and six or seven collections planned for late 2008.

But grab what you like when you see it, because once each unique piece sells, it’s history.

Until something new dazzles her.

Available at Pacific Home, 420 Ward Avenue , Honolulu, 808.596.9338, and smaller items at Mu‘umu‘u Heaven, 767 Kailua Rd. Kailua , 808.263.3366