Sneak Peek: Catherine Weitzman’s Nautilus Collection

You’ll want to add this to your winter budget.


It's officially fall, which means everyone won't shut up about pumpkin spice everything. We like to get our basic on as much as the next babe (we may or may not be munching on our Naturebox Pumpkin Spice Nom Noms right this second), but our current obsession is SO next season.


We've been ogling Catherine Weitzman’s dreamy jewelry pieces from local boutique cases for months, with their earthy aesthetic, ethereal use of gold and nature-inspired style. So, we decided to stage an invasion of her studio to catch a glimpse of the gems hot-off-the-bench—and ended up scoring some major style intel. Namely? Pics of Weitzman’s winter release, an elegant lineup of Nautilus-inspired pendants and earrings, serpentine shell silhouettes that are as delicate as they are dashing, with a handmade feel that makes our boho hearts sing.


Weitzman's got some serious mainstream cred (we hear J-Law can't resist her gems) but she's an Island gal like the rest of us. Her and hubs-slash-co-creator Scott Diamond set up a Hawai‘i studio in 2004, after traveling the world and building a brand of wanderlust-inspired jewelry. This latest slew of creations is also borne of adventure—but this time, it's of the underwater variety. Both Weitzman and Diamond are scuba divers with a passion for the sea’s creatures, and the majestic nautilus has been capturing her designer’s eye for a while.


That's why we’re already making a mental to note to snag her stylish cephalopods, which come as studs, rings or necklaces, in gold vermeil or sterling silver, this winter. Or, maybe we’ll scoop up the sassy little mermaid or starfish pendant that’s swimming alongside them in Weitzman’s collection.


Either way, it's sure to add some spice to our ensemble. (Take that, PSL.)


$45–$150. Look for the collection on this winter.