Snap Happy

Sure you’ve heard that the camera adds 10 pounds. But no one said anything about the stumpy legs, double chin and extra arm flab that have popped up in your latest pics.

Ever wonder how fashion models make looking good such a snap? Us too. So we asked some of Hawai‘i’s top models-on-the-rise for a few insider tips on how to perfect your poses, say cheese minus the cottage cheese and show off your best assets.

Lei ChicModel: Tori Praver
You Know Her: From the pages of Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour and Sports Illustrated, and as the face of Guess
Look For Her Next: In V, Love, and Vogue Russia, and as the face of her own line Tori Praver Swimwear  
Tip: Elongate your body by sticking your shoulders out and pulling your stomach in—it’s a classic couture pose.


Lei Chic
Model: Renee Nobriga
You Know Her: As Miss Hawai'i USA 2010
Look For Her Next: As the face of Tori Richards and Crazy Shirts
Tips: Make legs look longer and slimmer by turning one leg to the side and leaning on one hip. Never have two arms doing the same action—having one bent and one straight will create a much more natural look.
Lei ChicModel: Krista Alvarez
You Know Her: As the face of Loco Boutique and from the covers of Pacific Weddings and Spa Hawai'i
Look For Her Next: In ads for Airwalks and SunChips
Tips: Pull your shoulders back, and bring your shoulder blades together and let them sink down—this will elongate your neck, making you look taller and slimmer overall. Hide love handles by placing your hands over them or by dropping your arms straight down in front of them.

Photo courtesy: Mark Arbeit

Lei Chic
Model: Michelle Vawer
You Know Her: As the face of Indah Clothing and Le Tarte Swimwear, and from the movie Into the Blue 2
Look For Her Next: On the cover of Cosmopolitan Spain
Tip: Learn how to make yourself giggle. Not many people can do it, but it makes for the best photos.

Lei ChicModel: Calli Wagner
You Know Her: From the covers and pages of Ala Moana Magazine and Pacific Weddings
Look For Her Next: As the face of Rip Curl
Tips: Stick your chin out and down slightly—it will feel weird, but will give your face more definition. To make your body look slimmer, turn your hips perpendicular to the camera while keeping your shoulder and face square.