Snags to Riches

Lei Chic You enjoy the finer things in life. If only you could afford them.

There was that Balenciaga bag you adored (after 45 minutes carrying it around the handbag department, the snooty sales girl made you put it back).

And the guys at Mercedes-Benz are starting to realize no matter how often you come in for a test drive, you're not actually going to buy that $114,000 CL-Class coupe.

You might not live in the lap of luxury. But you can at least sit in it for an hour when you get a waterless manicure at SpaHalekulani.

Sink into a sumptuous reclining chair, sip a cup of tea and pick out your favorite Zoya nail color and SpaHalekulani scent – Maile (sweet and floral), Waianuhea (clean with a hint of jasmine), or Manoa Mint (invigorating). Then close your eyes while someone waits on you hand and, well, other hand.

Lei ChicInstead of a sloshy bowl of water, your cuticles are softened by soothing hot towels, then lavished with a creamy scented balm. Your hands and forearms get a relaxing deep massage; your nails are shaped, buffed and painted to perfection. You emerge from a dreamy, almost hypnotic, state feeling like a queen.

Not in a hurry to leave your treasured island? Don't worry, they won't rush you.

And if you show a Hawaii ID, you'll get a 10 percent discount. So your taste of the high life won't you cost a small fortune.

You'll just feel like a million bucks.

Waterless manicure, $45, and pedicure, $65. SpaHalekulani at Halekulani, 2199 Kalia Rd. Call (808) 931-5322 or click here to make a reservation.