Small Wonder

Lei Chic Guess what day it is?

Okay, yeah, it's Wednesday. It's also the start of (cue music)…

Summer, Summer, Summertime.

But before you bust out your bikini and hibachi, there's one thing we want to talk to you about first…

Your bag.

We get that you need your planner. And your bottle of hand sanitizer. And three tubes of lip gloss. And a sewing kit. But lugging all that stuff to a pool party, pau hana, or an outdoor barbecue? So not chic.

Mei Vintage's brand-new cell phone wallets can help with that. Thanks to customer feedback, Honolulu-turned-Los Angeles designer Alice Huang created a slim, envelope-style pouch with antique brass hardware, covered in soft reclaimed leather (rich tan, pebbled chocolate or sleek taupe) and lined with her signature vintage kimono fabrics.
Lei Chic
All you do is insert the essentials – ID, credit card, cell phone, cash, and well, not much else – then slip the hand-sized wallet into your mammoth-sized purse. Come pau hana time, simply pull it out and go.

The detachable brass chain turns the wallet into a wristlet, while the removable hook attaches it securely to your belt loop. Either way you wear it, you get to enjoy your summer, hands down.

Talk about taking a load off.

$59, Mei Vintage cell phone wallets, available online.