Slowtide’s Gorgeous, Edgy, Art-Inspired Beach Towels

These are the most beautiful things you’ll ever dry your tush on.


Well, well, well, look what the tide dragged in. No, we don’t mean you (although that surf sesh has left you looking pretty damp yourself). We’re talking about that threadbare, generic drugstore rag you’re calling a beach towel. Clearly, you’ve been letting your seaside-accessorizing game slide. It’s time to upgrade.


Allow us to impart a bit of dry humor, with a tip that will make your soaking wet self smile. Next time you hit the waves, tote along this psychedelic new towel in hot pinks and serene cerulean, a collaboration between artist Tyler Spangler and new art-inspired beach-towel line, Slowtide. The Hawai‘i-and-California-based brand launched at the end of last month by three pals, including O'ahu's Kyle Spencer. Together, these artists-come-entrepreneurs have years in the surf industry under their belts, having worked as creative directors, graphic artists and marketing directors for companies including Quiksilver, Hurley and Billabong.



The trio of creative-minded ocean-lovers with a penchant for provocative design has whipped up a sick selection of towels that perfectly embody their modern aesthetic in an eclectic range of styles that will stand out on any shore. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter aloha prints, and lounge around on a vibrant, vintage-feeling bird-of-paradise piece. Seductive ruby lips on cheeky polka dots give a nod to ’80s art on another, while a black-and-white palm towel and southwestern, Native-American-blanket-inspired selection have more laid-back vibes. A stylized snapshot of rolling waves and stars make up an “American flag” like you’ve never seen before, but it’s the colorful, kaleidoscopic, geometric-print piece that we’ll be hauling on our next beach day.


Now that’s what we call making a serious blanket statement.