Slim Pickings

On most Turkey Days, it’s all aboard the gravy train to Calorie Town. But fat chance you ever give up your traditional feast. So this year, just make some smart trimmings instead. A few easy menu tweaks will save you serious calories – and your waistline will give thanks.

This whole meal clocks in at just under 630 calories, which means you can still eat breakfast and lunch. So go ahead, get stuffed.

Gobble it Up
The lean protein of turkey breast isn’t a big offender – it’s the high-fat skin and butter basting you need to watch out for. This recipe for apple-shallot roasted turkey saves calories, fat and sodium by seasoning with fresh herbs and canola oil.
Calories per serving: 155

The Real Slim Gravy
Two words: fat separator. It’s all you need to turn a calorie-laden, fatty gravy into this version of low-cal turkey gravy.
Calories per serving: 17

Fake Bake
This recipe for "miracle mashies" mixes in some cauliflower with the mashed potatoes to scale back calories  – but you still get the same texture and flavor. Chances are, your guests won't even notice.
Calories per serving: 82

Strut Your Stuffing
Instead of stuffing with white bread and sausage, try this vegetable and fruit stuffing recipe. It uses whole wheat bread, bulky fruits and vegetables, and turkey bacon for flavor with fewer calories.
Calories per serving: 78

Lean and Green
Green beans seem innocent, that is until you smother them with cream, cheese, and deep-fried onions. This “delightfully light” green bean casserole uses reduced-fat soup and bread crumb toppings to lighten up the traditional version.
Calories per serving: 161

Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater
Don't get plump from your pumpkin pie. Try this "too good to deny" version – it cuts calories in half by using pure pumpkin (not pie filling), and a crust made from bran cereal instead of buttery pastry.
Calories per serving: 133 per slice