Shutter Smug

Lei Chic It took you all afternoon, but your online dating profile is almost complete. You checked off the boxes for those that need not apply (we’re looking at you Mr. Emotionally Unavailable) and supplied enough info about your life to make you seem like the catch you are. Now, you just have to settle on a photo.

Unfortunately, all of your current snaps are semi-drunk numbers your friends took while bar hopping in Chinatown — those negatives are truly negative.

Thankfully, there’s a man with a plan (and a camera) who’s a pro at producing photos that are pure future husband bait. Meet Cheyne Lei ChicGallarde, local vintage photographer extraordinaire and owner of Firebird Photography.

Schedule a session with Gallarde and you’ll come away with 10 to 15 vintage style portraits that reflect not only your hotness but also your fab sense of personal style. Gallarde meets with you for an initial consultation where he gets a feel for your look and interests. Then, you’ll work together on creating an awesome vintage outfit for the shoot — anything from a cheeky 50s beach babe to a sexy 60s housewife to a fabulous 70s disco diva.  

Plus, you’ll shoot at a cool, retro-themed location that Gallarde personally scouts — he’s adamant about shooting on location instead of simply Photoshop-ing you into some cheesy sunset background. And, he’ll coach you through posing in every shot, no fancy model skills required. By the end of the shoot, you’ll feel like a princess on her sepia-throne.

Just what you need to get your love life back in focus.

Firebird Photography. For more info, call 209.874.6860 or click here.