Shuga Rush
You’ve always wanted to be able to recycle your old clothes into new, cool things to wear. But all your attempts seem to end up on the cutting room floor.

Give your scissors a rest and leave the slicing and splicing to a professional. Like local designer Isidra Suga, whose Shugazcutz clothing line is chock full of tees that have been expertly chopped and transformed into sexy little tank and halter styles that drape perfectly along the body. Suga even jazzes up her one-of-a-kind creations with gorgeous wood and glass beads, metallic accents and playful braid details.

Like the Bella, a plum peacock-printed top with shredded straps that Suga embellished with dainty turquoise beads. Or the Yuko, a slinky graphic print halter with a backside of thin strips of fabric that have been artfully knotted and re-tied.

And when it comes to the T-shirts Suga creates her pieces out of, she doesn’t cut any corners. Only the highest quality shirts make the cut. Like those from local sustainable clothing line, The Organik, whose tees are made from sustainable, eco-friendly blends of organic cotton, recycled polyester and bamboo.

Which means that any way you slice it, Shugazcutz tees are clearly a cut above the rest.

Select styles are available on Oahu at the INTO boutique, 40 N. Hotel Street. For more info, check out Shugazcutz online at