Show Some Skin

Lei ChicLately, you’ve been totally loving the snakeskin look. You’ve got the cute snakeskin clutch and the sassy snakeskin heels. You were even contemplating a snakeskin dress — until you looked in the mirror and realized it’s not even necessary, your skin’s so parched it’s practically reptilian.

But while you’re in definite need of a little scale smoothing, you’ve been feeling pretty cold-blooded about your hydration options. Between the clinical strength wonder-creams full of who-knows-what and the watery drugstore brands, there’s not a whole lot of wiggle room.

Coil your hands around Letarte Skin Care, the brand new line of hydrating oils and lotions from Letarte Swimwear, the fashion-forward beachwear line you already know and love.

The two sisters behind Letarte, who both hail from Hawai‘i, have made their love for the Islands evident in the ingredients and scents used in the line. Sure to snake their way into your heart, all of the products are made with potent, 98 percent all-natural ingredients.

The Vanille Polynesia lotion combines aloe vera, shea butter, and patchouli oil, and vanilla, orange, sugar and almond fragrances into a silky cream that’s pure sensory bliss. The ‘Alia Hinu oil is a mix of hydrating argon and coconut oils, and is perfect for use after a long day of surfing.

You can even get both in eight-ounce sizes or in a travel pack, which includes a two-ounce bottle of each.

Because nobody likes snakes on a Jane.

Letarte Skin Care, available at the Letarte flagship store, 24 Baldwin Ave., Paia, 808.579.6022, and online here .