Shirt Sighted

Lei Chic We see it all too often. A perfectly good T-shirt is carelessly tossed aside – stuffed into a dirty rag bag, left to rot in a donation box or, in worst case scenarios, abandoned in the trash.

You can prevent this from happening. Over the years, adoption has become an increasingly popular form of wardrobe building. If you can find room in your closet to help a tee in need, contact ili designs.

Designer (and incoming UH law student) Kaili Akina rescues old T-shirts and scrap fabric, and repurposes them into colorful, eye-catching accessories. Last year, she started making scarves and braids as Christmas gifts for her family and friends. An aunt in Texas urged her to keep going and she quickly created an entire line of recycled jewelry.

Lei Chic Find an accessory that fits perfectly with your (life)style. Fall in love with braided bangles in a rainbow of bright colors, embellished with sea shells and fresh water pearls for that perfect summer accent. Meet your match with a pair of retro-inspired button earrings, covered in fun, patterned fabrics. And cuddle up with a tiered necklace or comfy layered scarf.

No matter what you choose, know that you'll save the life of a cloth previously doomed for the scrap bin.

And gain a life-long trend in the process.

ili designs will be at Art and Flea tomorrow night, 5-10 p.m. at Fresh Cafe, 831 Queen St. $3 admission, $2 if you wear Aloha attire. Bangles $7, earrings $8, necklaces and scarves, $20 and up. For more information, visit ili designs' Web site and Facebook page.