Shimmer Down Now

Lei ChicYou’re a material girl, living in a material world. And your closet is stuffed with cotton and modal jersey.

They're comfy but your wardrobe isn't exactly pushing the Borderline of style. In fact, when it’s time to Dress You Up for a Celebration it’s just not that easy to Express Yourself.

You’ve been wishing on a Lucky Star for an outfit so special it could make you feel Like A … well you know.

Lei Chic The girls at Drift Boutique know what you mean. Now their Secret new style is out.

Going out on racks today are the first silk pieces designed by Drift’s own Laura Ivy and Alessandra Klein. The limited run features just twenty-four belted tunics each sewn from a single silk sarong.

Pair it with cut offs and slip ons for an La Isla Bonita effect. Or get in Vogue with some chandelier earrings and strappy sandals. The silk is handwashable so you won’t have to Justify your Love (or your dry cleaning bill) even when you slip it over your swimsuit.

It’s sure to be a piece you Cherish.

So go ahead, Take a Bow.

Drift’s silk tops are priced at $90 only at the boutique, 3434 Waialae Ave. Call 808.284.1177 for more information.