Shakra Value


Lei Chic You made it to an entire month’s worth of yoga classes. You zoomed into zumba enough to actually be able to keep up with the instructor. You even struggled through a handful of booty-camp classes.

You totally deserve a reward.

Step away from the donut – that’s so not what your newly procured yoga-butt needs.

Instead, reward yourself with a few goodies from the brand new Kai Boutique, which will be opening its doors this Saturday. Located in the Lei ChicKailua Movement Studio, it’s a lower calorie post-workout stop than the smoothie joint. And with items like Le Tarte’s light and floaty dresses, Tamara Catz’s beach chic tunics and ultra comfy T Los Angeles tanks, the biggest question will be which to treat yourself to first.

While you’re on the “do your body good” kick, pick up one of the Coola all-organic mineral sunscreens. Free from harsh chemicals, they're perfect for every day use. Or, snag yourself one of the all-natural, petroleum-free Glominerals lip glosses.

And if you’ve been especially good, treat yourself to a new piece of locally made jewelry. From Hino Jewels' solid gold shell-inspired earrings to the dainty coral-strung necklaces of the Ki-ele line, and strands of silk and gold-foil body beads from Bahti Beads (recently spotted in the pages of Sports Illustrated), trying to decide what to get will give you something to think about in your downward facing dog.

It’s the cool look you deserve for feeling the burn.

Kai Boutique, 776 Kailua Road, Kailua. 
June 2011 Update: Kai Boutique is on the move to a new spot off of Kailua Road. We'll keep you updated when the open date is set.