Shaka’s Hawai‘i’s Cool, Convertible and Covetable Shades

Add these sunglasses to your summer packing list.
Shaka's Hawai‘i Sunglasses
Photos: Courtesy of SHaka's Hawai‘i


h boy, what a sight for sore eyes.


Uh, sorry, not you. We were actually talking about that sexy new pair of Shaka’s Hawai‘i sunglasses you’re currently rocking, with that sleek, trendy aesthetic and uber vibrant colors we can’t help but check out.


Can you blame us for eyeballin’ them? We love the brand’s distinctive, statement-making silhouettes that take a cue from of-the-moment, big-name “it” designs, such as those in Shaka’s futuristic Isa or throwback Itzel sunnies. Plus, these new pieces are all about the details, sporting subtle, decorative top bars and winged frames, unexpected shapes including perfect ’60s circles or angular ’50s finds, and mirrored lenses in striking cerulean or mysterious pewter.


These shades’ hues debuted in Shaka’s latest collection, aptly named Rainbow. And, the brand’s Hawai‘i-inspired inception (it was founded by pals Efi Bisk and Shaul Rappaport while on vacation in the Islands) really explains the pieces’ “just add beach” vibe. We know you’ll be seeing us sporting these bad boys on our next jaunt to the shore, but the issue now is choosing which pair we’ll be packing.

  Shaka's Hawai‘i Sunglasses


What do you mean, it’s not a problem? Whoa, whoa, whoa, are those—convertible? We can usually spot functionality a mile away, but we needed a second glance to really appreciate that these glasses’ high style is also totally swappable. Interchangeable arms (which require no tools to be switched) can take your retro wayfarers or chunky, see-through acrylic frames to a totally different level every day. Add blue, green or even fierce orange lenses and you’re looking at a custom creation. We are seeing some seriously unlimited possibilities.


Eye-catching? We’ll say.