Sexy, Sassy, Stylish: Mojobeebee Bikinis

These barely-there suits are our new beach uniform.


Mid-quarter grades are here and, girl, your early autumn style is passing with flying colors! When it comes to lazy Sunday lounge attire, you’ve got an A+, and that aloha Friday formalwear game you’ve got going on is the best in class.

Not that you need it, but, since you’re such a style-overachiever, we know you’re going to jump at this chance for extra credit. Open your textbooks to the chapter on Mojobeebee Bikinis, the creative brainchild of elementary teacher Joli Johnston. It all started as a hobby during a couple of months between gigs. Now, this North Shore educator moonlights as a designer to fulfill her longtime dreams of going into a career in fashion. She stitches up cheeky bottoms and sexy maillots in her downtime after school’s out, handmaking each item and pumping out the pretty little pieces when inspiration (or a particularly hot pattern) strikes her—and when summer break is in full swing.

Talk about ringing your school bell: Johnston’s designs are just the mix of playful and sultry to perfectly complement your learning curves. Think no-shame silhouettes that include strappy bandeaus, high-waisted bottoms with bold, wide cuts, and backless one-pieces with deep, sexy side slits. Plus, Johnston’s print story will school your current suit collection. It includes a classic white cheetah print, an out-of-this-world, psychedelic galaxy print and a sensual blue velvet. And the solids are anything but boring—we especially love her cheeky “Oreo” combo, a colorblocked black and white mix.

Now that is what we call some high-grade beachwear.