Sew Sweet

Lei Chic You're up to speed with the latest style trends. But when it comes to tech gadgets, you avoid the fast lane.

You're a firm believer that your cell phone should be used to actually call people. And Four Square was a game you played at recess when you were six.

So when you finally broke down and got an iPad, well, you felt part of your soul die. Just a little.

Soften the blow with One Shabby Chick's iPad covers. Amber Carrillo layers a typewriter applique over whimsical, patterned fabrics, then lines the edges with black thread. The result? A vibrant, lightly padded iPad case with Velcro flap that pays homage to the days of white out and carriage returns.

Lei ChicDon't get her wrong. This Waialua mom of four is social media savvy. After making a hand-drawn camera applique for a photographer friend, she posted a photo of it on Instagram. Sales have serged ever since.

Check her blog and Facebook page for her latest creations – fully-lined pouches, tote bags, even pillows, emblazoned with colorful fabric appliques and phrases like "Be Your Beautiful Self." Then send her an e-mail or pop over to her Etsy shop to pick up your favorites.

So despite your inevitable transition to the 21st century, you can still make a statement the old-fashioned way.

Without an emoticon.

Pouches $28 and up, iPad cases $35, pillows $40 and up. Meet One Shabby Chick's Amber Carrillo at the Lanikai Craft Fair this Saturday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Lanikai Beach Park. For more information, visit One Shabby Chick's Etsy shop and blog.