September 2016: Table of Contents


HONOLULU Magazine September issue
ON THE COVER: Tyrie Jenkins M.D., one of Hawai‘i’s Top Doctors. See the full Top Doctors listings on page 88 in the magazine.
PHOTO: Rae huo, hair and makeup: kecia littman, earrings: courtesy of neiman marcus

Twin Peaks

One’s an NCAA men’s basketball coach, the other is a rising NYC menswear designer, but identical twin brothers Asaf and Eran Ganot are both reaching pinnacles of success.

by brie thalmann


9/11: 15 Years Later 

It’s been 15 years since the horrors of Sept. 11, 2001. The terrorist attacks killed nearly 3,000 people and injured twice that many, rewrote the rules for travel and security and changed how safe we feel. We touched base with some of those most affected by the Sept. 11 attacks who weren’t ready to speak out until now.

By Robbie Dingeman 



We asked these transgender Hawai‘i residents to show us their workplaces, and tell us about how their transitions have affected their lives and their careers.

photos by rachel ceretto, interviews by jade snow


The Big Shift

Hawai‘i’s chronic shortage of physicians and medical professionals is showing up in longer wait times, but that’s just the beginning. Rising costs and new regulations meant to control them will soon change how health care is delivered in the Islands.

by don wallace


Top Doctors

This year, we turn to Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. to provide us with a list of the top doctors in Hawai‘i. Here are 558 physicians in 61 specialties.



Heiva I Waikīkī

The first-ever Heiva i Waikīkī kicks off this month.

By HONOLULU Magazine Staff 


September Picks

Earth, Wind & Fire says there “never was a cloudy day” in September. See them perform, along with a fitness competition, a wood show and other fun events.

By Katrina Valcourt 


The World Conservation Congress

The 2016 World Conservation Congress brings environmental power players from around the world to Honolulu this month.

By Nancy Kanyuk 


Da Meter

Gauging what’s hot and what’s not in Honolulu.

By HONOLULU Magazine Staff 


Chris McKinney’s new book

As if writing a novel about his descent into Honolulu’s hostess-bar and criminal scene wasn’t enough, the Kahalu‘u native is going Hollywood with his trademark brashness and chessmaster gamesmanship.

By Don Wallace 


How to Party with an Infant

Kaui Hart Hemmings’ latest is partly written as an entry in a cookbook contest for mothers.

By Don Wallace


Mana Mele

Local education program Mana Mele gives students real music recording chops.

By Catherine Toth Fox 


Startup Standouts

A local accelerator propels new companies into the world of technology.

By Katrina Valcourt 


Quote Unquote: Jerry Rauckhorst

After a 40-year career at Catholic Charities—21 in Hawai‘i—Jerry Rauckhorst is retiring from the job—but not from giving back. For those 21 years, he has headed the private, 69-year-old social service agency in Hawai‘i, which provides a wide range of services to more than 40,000 people every year, regardless of faith or culture. When the 67-year-old father retires at the end of the year, he plans to teach, travel, babysit his two grandkids and stay involved with the national organization in some way.

Interview by Catherine Toth Fox 


Field Notes: The Makiki Community Library

Field Notes explores Honolulu’s vibrant and varied scenes and subcultures. This month: Makiki Community Library.

By Colby Lawton 



Fall color trends, jet-setting bags, plus we raid the closet of local fashionista Dara Fujio.

by stacey makiya and brie thalmann

‘Ono: Food and Dining

Some like it hot, so we’ve found some of the best spicy dishes and drinks around town.

by kawehi haug



EDITOR’S PAGE: Showing Your Stuff

Tests that count.

by robbie dingeman


AFTERTHOUGHTS: ​Save Me, Pokémon Go

How to make obsession work for you.

by michael keany


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