September 2011: Table of Contents


The Bed & Breakfast Battle

Illegal vacation rentals have vexed Kailua and North Shore residents for years. A new city bill purports to solve the simmering issue, but it still won’t be enough. The real problem? The city can’t enforce the current law. We tell you why.

by tiffany hill


What Can You Get for $1 Million?

It seems like an audacious amount of money, but just how far will $1 million take you when you’re shopping for a house on Oahu? We took a look at properties for sale around the island to find out.

by melissa chang


Voices of the Kupuna

For more than a decade, Maile Loo-Ching has been collecting oral histories from hula’s most revered kupuna. Here are some of their stories.

by michael keany



Editor’s Page: Movers & Shakers

Introducing some changes to the HONOLULU Magazine editorial family.

by a. kam napier



Our readers respond.



Roughwater swimming in Waikiki

Reasons to Get out and go in September

Environment: What’s a Bohdi tree?

Kailua bands make a comeback

A primer on the new theater season

Art: an underwater odyssey

Field Guide: there’s a lot to love in Moiliili


Dining: Places You Might Hesitate to Go

You can’t always judge a great drinks and pupu place from the outside.

by john heckathorn


Afterthoughts: And, in Conclusion.

The last paragraph is always the tricky part.

by kathryn drury wagner