Semiannual Property Tax Payments are Due Soon—Here’s What You Need to Know

Payments are due Feb. 20, 2018.
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It’s that time of year—semiannual property tax payments are due by Feb. 20. You can now pay them online here. You’ll need the numbers from your property tax bill to do so, along with a credit card. And don’t be late—the system will only allow you to make payments through 11:59 p.m. on the 20th.


Can’t find your tax bill? Head down to the first floor of Honolulu Hale any weekday from 7:50 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. to pay in person, or call the Real Property Tax Collection Section at (808) 768-3980.


If you didn’t file for a property tax exemption on your home, it’s too late for this year, but be sure to do it by Sept. 30 for next year. You can do so online here. You’ll get an $80,000 exemption off the value of your home if you’re 64 or younger; it jumps to $120,000 at age 65.


Though many people despise paying taxes, take heart in knowing that Hawai‘i has the lowest property tax rate in the country at 0.35 percent, according to reports published by both Wallethub and The Balance in 2017. That doesn’t mean we don’t spend quite a bit, as our home values are much higher than most states, but at least we don’t pay 2.35 percent like New Jersey.