School of Rock Staying home with the kids has a distinct soundtrack: crying, toys banging, dog barking, phone ringing – a cringeworthy symphony that makes you want to sing out Calgon, take me away! Except it’s 2008, and who uses Calgon anymore?

Instead, you need Keiki Crescendo, a family music school where your children can beat sticks and drums, sing and shout, and let’s face it, spaz out to their hearts’ content. Owned by music teacher Claudia McDowell, this community learning space cultivates your child’s natural musical ability, whether a baby, toddler, or independent six-year-old. With carefully sequenced approaches to attuning the ear, refining voice and developing rhythm, kids make www.leichic.comnoise and have fun while developing good listening habits, attention, memory skills, and physical coordination.

Older children age four through six acquire more advanced music skills they can practice at home, including playing the keyboard. Kids age three and a half to four and a half will use their independence to chant, rhyme, and sing. And parents will accompany newborns to 14 month-olds and toddlers, playing with them while singing, bouncing, rocking, dancing, and playing simple instruments and games.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?

Then you just might begin to like all that noise.

Keiki Crescendo, 38 Kaneohe Bay Drive, Kailua, 808.254.8030,