Sauced Soul

That tired old Tostitos salsa is a sad excuse for spicing up your tacos.

Feasting fiesta-style means adding some authentic Latin love to your plate, like the new mango salsa from Chinatown restaurant Soul de Cuba.

The salsa is the second of Soul de Cuba’s new line of six specialty sauces – first was the restaurant’s herb and garlic flavored Mojo sauce and marinade, which has been available for several months. The new flavors are rolling out one at a time through August, when the full line will be for sale in the restaurant and at select retailers.

On the way are habanero versions of both the mango salsa and the Mojo sauce, as well as a honey vinaigrette salad dressing and another sauce flavor that’s still being developed.

They’re all produced right here on O‘ahu under the supervision of Soul de Cuba’s founders, the brothers Robert and Jesus Puerto. Only all natural ingredients are used to make the sauces, which combine the flavors of both Cuban and Hawaiian cooking. The mildly sweet but zesty mango salsa goes well on chicken or pork, but it can also be a dip for tortilla chips. The other sauces will be just as versatile – they are created to be used as dips, marinades, for braising or as toppings for fish, chicken, and vegetables.

That means your mojito won’t be the only thing getting you sauced.

Available at Soul de Cuba, 1121 Bethel Street, Honolulu. 808.545.CUBA (2822).