Sass Act

Lei ChicYour Inner Diva: [sigh] I have absolutely nothing to wear.  

You: What do you mean? We’ve got a whole closetful of clothes here.  

Your Inner Diva: [sniff] Yes, but I’ve worn everything at least once already. And you know I can’t be seen in the same outfit twice! What would people say?

You: Uhhh, yeah. I’m sure your tens of fans would be devastated. You should check out Divalicious, the new boutique that just opened in Aina Haina. It’s owned by friends Susan Kondo-Leong and Kelly Crowley. Local girl Kondo-Leong had been running Lei Chica traveling handbag boutique for a while but grew tired of schlepping her goods all over the island and wanted to permanently set up shop.

Your Inner Diva: So they only sell handbags? Hellooo. I said that I have nothing to wear not carry.  

You: Well, I was just about to say that in addition to its stock of cute handbags and jewelry, Divalicious also carries a ton of fab clothing, like chic little ruffled tanks and swingy tunics from O’lala, flirty day dresses and sleek cocktail numbers from Lush, and affordable jean styles from JZ Premium Denim. Plus, mix-and-match basics, like camis, leggings, and tube tops.

Your Inner Diva: Ooh, tell me more…  

You: And, it’s the only boutique on the Island that stocks Tyler Candle Company, a line of luxe candles, hand washes and lotions, and laundry detergent — all of which have ultra-glam scent names, like Baby Doll, Superstar, and High Maintenance — perfect for a div-, I mean, a style diva like yourself.  

Your Inner Diva: Fine, fine. Have your people contact my people and set something up.  

You: Honey, I totally just did.

Divalicious, 850 West Hind Drive Suite 111, Honolulu, 808.373.3355. Open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.