San Lorenzo’s Current Collection and Spring Sneak Peek

Blast from the past or back to the future? We can’t decide.


Thanks to Doc Brown and Marty McFly’s trip to the future having happened last Wednesday, time travel is trending. (We’re betting you’ll see more than a few sets of the quirky duo wandering the streets come Halloween.)


At first, we were horrified—tacky gold suits, opaque sunnies and terrible red varsity jackets? No, thanks. (Although we wouldn’t mind having a pair of those self-lacing sneakers.) Then, we hopped on the San Lorenzo time-traveling train. It’s not a DeLorean, but it does include now-and-then sets of sexy swimsuits for you to wear at the moment and in the future.


Take the current collection, Vintage Aloha, a blast from the past that you can wear right now. Released at the end of the summer, the line features vintage-look floral prints in lively shades. Think a sexy spaghetti-strap one-piece sporting Technicolor wildflowers on vivid blue, or a strappy bandeau flocked with deep-green ferns and vibrant orchids. Plus, there’s a candy-stripe tankini that oozes nostalgic style. Talk about really living in the present.



But because you’re also ahead of your time, you’ll love getting a glimpse into the future with this sneak peek at the Spring 2016 collection, Mind Bali Soul. Sensual and understated, these suits are a thing of beauty, with earthy shades, tribal prints and braided, strappy details. We love the deep-lavender, triple-strap two-piece and the lace-up bustier bandeau top. Fashion forecast report: Things are going to get sexy in the swimwear department.


In fact, they already are. Big time.


$120–$170, Mind Bali Soul collection available at retailers only in spring 2016.