Salty Girl Jewelry’s Edgy New Line

Inspired by starfish, these funky rings, cuffs and earrings are a whole lotta fun.



With great star power comes great responsibility. We don’t have to tell you—when it comes to shining bright like a diamond, you’re 100 karats strong. Lately, though, life’s been throwing you more than enough to dim your luster, what with work + home + family + omg-it’s-almost-summer-gotta-hit-the-gym. Fizzle.


Get your gleam back with an edgy accessory shake-up from Salty Girl Jewelry’s latest line. Longtime local designer Amber Chesebro went stargazing for the inspo for this batch of beauties. And, no, we’re not talking about searching the skies—she aimed her gaze at the sea, getting a seriously creative jolt from the lumpy, bumpy little creatures in the Pentaceraster starfish family. These knobby guys come in alternating earthy colors and are covered with little nodules in kaleidoscopic patterns. For Chesebro, it was a chance to plumb new depths of herself as an artist, as these edgy pieces are quite the departure from the delicate, feminine creations she’s put out in the past. (Remember this dainty pomegranate seed collection?)


The fierce-looking collection was made with oxidized sterling silver, which gives it a heavy-metal, almost-medieval look that gets a gold star in our book. Chunky rings and cuffs are lined with raised metal knobs akin to the Pentaceraster’s signature bumps, with the odd gem—think soft garnets, dreamy blue iolites and even diamonds—placed for soft contrast. Spindly earrings sport serene gems as well and pair perfectly with matching spiky pendants that are sure to give your spring ensemble some subtle edge.


Pretty enlightening, right?