Salt Liko to Debut Mountain-Inspired Fall Collection


Attention, fashion trailblazers. Our hike into the heart of Salt Liko is about to begin. Watch out for sharp looks, sudden twists and earthy shades, all designed to take your wardrobe to the peaks of perfection.

Salt Liko designer Matt Bruening and Brandy­ Alia Serikaku, Sig Zane’s design department director, took inspiration from the mountains for the line’s second collection.

To your left, check out the Na Koolau and Puuwaiwai patterns, which emulate the dramatic ridges and formations of Hawaii’s summits on everything from exaggerated palazzo pants to lightweight maxi dresses.

To your right, you’ll see the solid styles. Look closely for details that take classic shapes off the beaten path. A simple T­shirt dress steps up the sexy quotient with hiked­up side slits. A full­length bubble skirt takes you into unfamiliar­but­fabulous territory when it’s cinched at the waist and ankles.

High ­quality rayon means it won’t weigh you down. Plus, rich nature tones such as jungle green and caviar black keep your look grounded.

Now that’s a view worth the wait.

Salt Liko’s fall collection will debut in the first week of September. Find all styles at Sand People Kailua, Kailua Shopping Center, 261­8878, or on