Roomy Waialae Nui Home

For $1.6 million you get a lot of space and some interesting taste.

For about $1.7 million bones you can become the proud owner of this Waialae Nui Ridge house with views of Diamond Head, Koko Head and the ocean, from really generous floor-to-ceiling windows. The current homeowners turned a downstairs bedroom into a study, so you could do some biz there while looking out the window. I’d be distracted, but perhaps nice views make you do better work, rather than none at all (which is the case for yours truly, but don’t tell my editor).

There’s a great big patio, and just enough of a yard beneath it to feel like you’ve got some earth to call your own. The kitchen is very modern, despite the unfortunate flowers painted on the floor, and there are several remodeled bathrooms that have a sleek, almost space-age feel with a prominent sink and metallic track lighting. They also include, inexplicably, bidets. I won’t knock ‘em because I’ve never tried ‘em.

Bedrooms are roomy—there are three—and there is a fantastic game room on the second floor that is windowed on two sides and has a wet bar. And there are closets galore, tucked everywhere. There’s a spacious entry, spacious upstairs bedroom with a private lanai, and plenty of space to lounge. This place is all about room to move.

The only head-scratching I did was looking at some of the design. For instance, the dining room floor is carpeted, but has a spot that’s marble and wood inlay for the table. It’s well-made, probably expensive, but something about the color combo, or the marble, reads a little 80’s. And those bathrooms with bidets I mentioned earlier? The sleek, modern design didn’t extend into the master bath, which looks older and only has one sink at an odd angle to the rest of the bathroom.

But keep this place on your “to do” list—that 3,000-plus square feet gives you a bunch of room for improvement.

Money Talk: $1,675,000, fee simple

Contact: Patricia Case, Case Properties International, 526-2273