Room for Improv

Lei Chic
… and I don’t know how the guy ended up in my apartment!

You realize this joke is a horrible mistake the second it escapes your lips. Crickets chirp. Your co-workers look away, embarrassed for you and the CEO you are currently trying to impress. Time to grin and bear it—and kiss your promotion goodbye.

Wouldn't you rather tell a good joke, instead of looking like one?  Then sign up for the new session of improv classes at Laughtrack Theatre Company. The eight-week course will take you from shell-shocked newbie to a confident actor who can take direction, project your voice and be hilarious on stage.

All joking aside, funny comes easy with exercises like “alien tiger cow.” Designed to break the ice, you’ll need to become one of the three. Sound scary? You’ll be led through it all by Shannon Winpenny, an alum of legendary Chicago improv institution Second City (the same stage that gave Steve Carell and Tina Fey their start). She’ll teach you to get rid of that self-consciousness, learn how to be creative and develop characters on the fly. Hilarity ensues.

So the next time you’re in an awkward social situation you’ll have them rolling on the floor instead of rolling their eyes.

Just the kind of self improv-ment you need.

Laughtrack Theater, 1123 Bethel Street, Chinatown. New classes start May 5 and run every Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. To register, call 808.384.3362 or email For more information on their Saturday night stage shows, visit